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Quality Control

Quality Control is What We Do

For more than 50 years, Wieland Heyco has been committed to the highest standards of quality. Every day, in conjunction with our ISO 9001_2015 certification, we meet the strict specifications and tight tolerances our customers demand. From our ultra-clean manufacturing facilities to our uncompromising quality systems, we take pride in every order produced, recognizing it will take with it the Wieland Heyco reputation for quality.

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Our dedication to quality is best demonstrated by the Cognex Vision surface inspection system. This key part of our stretch-bend-leveling line – pioneered by Wieland Heyco – offers 100% coil inspection for computer-controlled identification of defects on both surfaces. Optimal quality and surface integrity are assured.

Cognex Vision System Machine Quality Control
Quality Control Wandres Micro Cleaning System

Wandres Micro Cleaning System

Our latest QC innovation on the stretch-bend-leveling line is the addition of the Wandres Micro Cleaning System. This new technology effectively removes residual particles using a proprietary anti-static fluid-and-brush system. All part of the Wieland Heyco overall quality offering.