About Heyco Metals

Quality, precision and rapid response.

Family owned and operated since its founding in 1969, Heyco Metals is a leader in engineered copper, copper alloy and stainless steel strip processing. Through a relentless focus on continuous improvement and capital investment, Heyco Metals strives to hit the highest standards of on-time delivery and quality.

Heyco Metals is an operating subsidiary of Hummock Industries (www.hummockindustries.com), an investment arm focused on U.S. manufacturing. We believe manufacturing is the foundation of a strong economy, and we are proud to be operating and investing in manufacturing in the United States of America.

Everyone at Heyco Metals is dedicated to partnering with you to determine the most efficient, effective solution to your next design, engineering or manufacturing task. We’re experienced in meeting the most challenging specifications, consistently delivering to your custom requirements.

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Make the most of Heyco Metals: Let’s talk early in the process.

Heyco Metals has become an industry leader, having spent 50+ years working directly with domestic and international manufacturers on their engineering and material needs. We work with our customers in the earliest engineering stages to leverage the knowledge of both companies toward the optimal end result. We’re ready to review your needs.