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Recently Completed Equipment Upgrades and Investments

  • $2.0 million for a new horizontal annealing furnace allowing Heyco to expand into stainless steel
  • $1.0 million upgrade to our Stretch Bend Leveler to allow greater leveling
  • $500K replacement of our Cognex 100% surface inspection unit for improved sensitivity to a wider range of materials and improved reliability/serviceability
  • $750K for upgrades to our Sundwiger Eisenhuette split housing 20-hi rolling mill for improved precision in gauge control response, drive reliability, etc.
  • $625K for general modification of our Sendzimir breakdown rolling mill
  • $400K for roller wipes on our two Drever horizontal twin-strand annealing furnaces
  • $100K for switch from cracked ammonia to gaseous H2/N2 system on our two-base, single stack Ebner bell annealer
  • $250K for modification of our Sundwiger Eisenhuette split housing 20-hi rolling mill filtration system
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Recently Completed Equipment Upgrades and Investments - Heyco Metals

“Heyco Metals has not forgotten its roots which is evident by the talented team of dedicated employees that take pride in each and every customer requirement. It’s a pleasure to work for a company that continues to invest in the finest strip processing capabilities.”


Sales Team

“At Heyco, we have top people focused on providing unrivaled value. Just being the best isn’t as important as stretching beyond our perceived limitations.”


Sales Team

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“I love helping people, from the customer who didn’t realize they were out of stock to the potential customer who can’t locate a specific material. From customers to co-workers, I am blessed to work at Heyco.”


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“As a world-class supplier of light gauge copper alloy and stainless steel, we hold quality and service as our top priorities. Our process yields superior metals with an almost non-existent reject rate.”


Sales Team

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. At Heyco, we give our customers the feeling of satisfaction.”


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