Copper Capabilities

We are a connector-oriented supplier with a proven ability to serve the exacting needs of manufacturers in a variety of industries. From automotive parts to medical devices and many industries in-between, when precise copper and copper alloys are required, Wieland Heyco delivers.

Our Services

  • Stretch bend leveling to assure strip flatness and shape
  • Rolling down to .002″ thick
  • Slitting .178 – 17.000″ wide
  • Order sizes 250 lbs and up
  • Traverse-wound reels 500lb/1000lb
  • Pancake coils up to 580 PIW, I.D. ranging from 3″ to 16″
  • Precision processing to your exact specifications

What Sets Us Apart

  • Engineering consultation in your earliest design stages
  • 100% surface integrity through automated inspection
  • Custom capabilites
  • Short lead times
  • 95%-plus on-time delivery
  • Flexibility to serve small orders
  • Valuable tech support

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