Manufacturer of High Quality Copper, Copper Alloys and Stainless Steel Coil & Strip


Light Gauge Stainless Steel for Critical Components

Light-gauge stainless steel coil and strip is a specialty at Wieland Heyco, with particular emphasis on the “Double-O” gauges, down to .0012″. Learn more now about the many available stainless steel alloys, in the precise gauges and specifications you need.

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Copper and Copper Alloys, Precisely Processed, Every Time

Wieland Heyco forged its reputation over five decades with premium quality, light and medium gauge copper and copper alloy coil and strip. Today we offer a wider range of available alloys than ever before. Get all the details here.


Partnering with you to solve the next challenge

Delivering specified alloys in precise gauges is just part of what Wieland Heyco has to offer. Brought into the process early, our experienced team will partner with customer engineering groups to conceive optimum solutions.​


Holding suppliers to our high standards

We expect our metals to meet precise specifications, with pristine quality. That means the materials we start with must live up to the same demands. By sourcing globally, selectively choosing vendors and establishing rigid standards, Heyco Metals ensures optimum results for our customers.


Working with you to meet every requirement

Formulating the optimal processes for our customer’s needs, Wieland Heyco documents and then seamlessly duplicates the desired results on future runs. This ability to follow and document PPAP protocols solidifies our position as a trusted part of your production chain.