Why Heyco Metals

Premium quality and precision to meet your most demanding specifications – every time.

Heyco Metals is synonymous with industry-leading quality, rapid response, outstanding technical support, and on-time delivery. Our extremely short lead times can keep your inventories lean while meeting unpredictable spikes in demand. With over four decades of metals experience, Heyco Metals has done it all, including pioneering the use of real-time 100% surface inspection to ensure pristine surface quality.

In addition to manufacturing precision rolled light-gauge stainless steel and copper coil and strip, we’re also a major supplier of copper alloys, including phosphor bronze. Our 500 series phos bronze metals are rolled in the USA to exacting specifications, so your business can assemble high-quality products without waiting on overseas shipments.

Just say Heyco.

The details set us apart

  • Non-contact gauge control, air wipes and proprietary oil filtration systems eliminate diamond marks, wiper marks, roll marks and other undesirable conditions
  • Thermal degreasing provides oil-free surfaces without abrasion
  • Precision processing to your exact specifications
  • Shorter lead times than our competitors – even for custom-rolled product
  • Outstanding technical support
  • 95%-plus on-time delivery
  • 100% Cognex Vision Surface Inspection – achieves 100% surface integrity
  • Stretch Bend Leveling – ensures strip flatness and shape
  • Raw materials sourced throughout the world, securing optimal value and capability
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification demonstrates our commitment to customer focus, leadership and continual improvement
Why Heyco Metals
Why Heyco Metals - Heyco Metals

“We are not a team because we work together… we are a team because we are loyal; and we respect, trust and care for one another, as well as our customers. We are family… We are the Heyco Metals Family.”



“As a world-class supplier of light gauge copper alloy and stainless steel, we hold quality and service as our top priorities. Our process yields superior metals with an almost non-existent reject rate.”


Sales Team

“At Heyco, we have top people focused on providing unrivaled value. Just being the best isn’t as important as stretching beyond our perceived limitations.”


Sales Team

“I love helping people, from the customer who didn’t realize they were out of stock to the potential customer who can’t locate a specific material. From customers to co-workers, I am blessed to work at Heyco.”


Customer Service

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. At Heyco, we give our customers the feeling of satisfaction.”


Quality Department

“Heyco Metals has not forgotten its roots which is evident by the talented team of dedicated employees that take pride in each and every customer requirement. It’s a pleasure to work for a company that continues to invest in the finest strip processing capabilities.”


Sales Team