Premium Quality Copper and Copper Alloys Made to Your Specifications

For more than 40 years, Heyco has been a major supplier of premium quality, light and medium gauge copper and copper alloy coil and strip made to exacting specifications. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our skills and service for you.

See all our available copper alloys.

Wide variety

  • Choose from our vast selection of copper or copper alloys, or
  • Consult our mill for other alloys available by special arrangement

Extensive capabilities

  • Rolling down to .002" thick
  • Slitting .200 - 17.000" wide
  • Order sizes 250 lbs and up
  • Traverse-wound reels 500lb/1000lb/2000lb
  • Pancake coils up to 580 PIW, I.D. ranging from 4" to 16"

Quick turn-around

  • Consistently shorter lead times than our competitors
  • 95%-plus on-time delivery

Get all the facts and figures! Our Copper Data Sheet is here:



  • Stretch bend leveling to assure strip flatness and shape
  • Precision processing to your exact specifications


  • Clean, contaminant-free facilities
  • Automated surface inspection (pioneered by Heyco) to ensure 100% surface integrity
  • No diamond marks, wiper marks or roller marks
  • Thermal degreasing for oil-free surfaces

Customer Satisfaction

  • Valuable tech support
  • Flexible scheduling
Quality is high