At our 86,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Reading, PA, Heyco Metals, turns out a broad assortment of premium quality copper, copper alloy and light-gauge stainless steel coil and strip. We’re always striving to improve our already highly rated customer service, and our equipment, facilities and end products just keep getting better.


Rolling down to .002" thick

Slitting .200 - 17.000" wide

Order Sizes 250 lbs. and up

Traverse-wound reels: 500lb/1000lb/2000lb

Pancake coils: up to 580 PIW, I.D. ranging from 4" to 16"



Three rolling mills to cover customer orders both large and small. One Sundwiger Eisenhuette split-housing 20-hi reversing rolling mill with air wiping, automatic shape measurement and control, automatic contactless gauge control and filtration to 1 micron absolute. This mill received a major upgrade in 2006. Two Sendzimir solid-housing 20-hi rolling mills with automatic contactless gauge control and mineral oil coolant with filtration down to 1 micron absolute.

Bell Annealing

One (1) two-base, single stack Ebner installation with cracked ammonia atmosphere (N2/H2).

Strand Annealing

Two horizontal strand furnaces (one Drever and one recently acquired Siemens unit). Both utilize hydrogen/nitrogen atmospheres with up to 100% hydrogen content for the ultimate in clean, bright, oil-free surfaces on both annealed and tempered materials.

Stretch Bend Leveling

A wide width Ungerer unit, with automatic shape measurement and control via feedback loops, provides the ultimate in flat, stress-free product. In-line surface inspection automatically scans 100% of both surfaces, capturing all specified defects for later containment as appropriate. A narrow width as-slit leveling unit allows processing of slit product for the best in straightness and freedom from die-exit twist, etc.


Two (2) Ruesch lines using loop-in/loop-out tensionless slitting for optimal slit edge characteristics

  • Bridle tensioning avoids friction pads and associated surface impairment
  • Shimless tooling
  • Computer-generated setups

One (1) Yoder unit for heavy gauge coils

Traverse Winding

Two (2) Heyco-designed three-head units

Roll Grinding

Two (2) Landis and two (2) Ecotech lines for all workrolls and backup rolls

Capabilities/Facilities - Heyco Metals

“I love helping people, from the customer who didn’t realize they were out of stock to the potential customer who can’t locate a specific material. From customers to co-workers, I am blessed to work at Heyco.”


Customer Service

“Heyco Metals has not forgotten its roots which is evident by the talented team of dedicated employees that take pride in each and every customer requirement. It’s a pleasure to work for a company that continues to invest in the finest strip processing capabilities.”


Sales Team

“At Heyco, we have top people focused on providing unrivaled value. Just being the best isn’t as important as stretching beyond our perceived limitations.”


Sales Team

“We are not a team because we work together… we are a team because we are loyal; and we respect, trust and care for one another, as well as our customers. We are family… We are the Heyco Metals Family.”



“As a world-class supplier of light gauge copper alloy and stainless steel, we hold quality and service as our top priorities. Our process yields superior metals with an almost non-existent reject rate.”


Sales Team

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. At Heyco, we give our customers the feeling of satisfaction.”


Quality Department